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Game Builder Garage - Session Two
11th June 2021  
I can't do this..


1. I can't find a good way to programmatically position objects.
I can programatically move things, but they then seem to end up with physics taking control, and they move with their own free will.

2. Not only can I not position them, I can't appear to read their positions either.
Have you hit the floor so need to bounce? Good luck figuring that out.
Have you passed one of the spikes? Good luck figuring that out.

3. The "Plane" landscape is not infinite, so in a SpikeDislike, you'd fall off the end of the world after about 10 spikes.

4. But the ball doesn't bounce right, and the momentum gets in the way, anyway.

Object Orientated, and not "just make things happen"
There's nothing wrong with this methodology, and it is indeed the "Modern" way to do things.
But I'm not modern. And I can't handle this!!

I don't think there's going to be a SpikeDislike any time soon..

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