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Arrgh, Tablets
18th June 2021  
Changing your tablets is never fun.


Spent most of the night awake in some kind of stupor.
I've barely coded a thing all day, and I'm pretty much ready to head back to bed.
I'm keeping tabs on all the medical stats that I can, though, so hopefully something good comes from all of this.
Definitely a rough night though..


A few upgrades have been made to the JMTrackr engine, and they've all (.. I think!) been uploaded to the server.
Some nice new CPC'esque instruments were added to the engine, and the result is much more suited to the style of the engine.
I'd still like to give the Megadrive style another go, but it's really hard to pick varied instruments that work together, when the engine is as random as it is.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

This week's SmileBASIC game is coming along nicely.
I need to make the powerups (OMG, there are powerups!?!) a little more recognisable.
I also have to make the overall difficulty a little more interesting. It's currently far too easy to grab a couple of choice powerups and more or less destroy the difficulty level.

Aaah, balancing.

Right, plenty to get on with.
First up.. Sleep!!

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