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Y5:W32 - OneDee
6th August 2013  
As we near adding game #300 to the Archive, things are getting a wee bit chaotic in my Dev-folder.
Games are being started, then largley ignored, as I constantly jump from project to project in a desperate attempt to find "That special something" which will do for #300.
So far, nothing big has turned up, so, with only a few weeks until we get there, I've still no idea exactly what that game might end up being.

Still, it's a fun trip, and this week's game idea comes courtesy of Twitterer @GameProducer


@GameProducer was in the mood for something One Dimensional, and so, in true AGameAWeek spirit, I happily cobbled one together.
If you're following me on Twitter, you might've already played this, as I actually sent @GameProducer a simpler test version, last week. Over the course of the week, it's been bulked up a bit, and made a little neater, but it's still pretty much the same game.
There's not a whole lot you can do, with only 1 dimension to play with!!

Anyway, here it is, and it's.. something!!

You can Download OneDee here for Windows, Android or play it in your browser.
You can also grab it directly from Google Play here if you're reading this on your Android doohickey.

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New games every week!
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