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Motion Sickness Abound / JSE Todo List
23rd August 2021  
This week's game set off a whole lot of motion sickness!


If you're motion-sensitive, it's probably best to skip "A Boatload of Balls".
I mean, it's not "too" bad, but development had to be done over a series of short hour-long sessions instead of my usual "100 hours at a time!" methodology.
I certainly won't be doing another wavy game, any time soon.

.. Though, this is definitely one I should do in JSE, especially since it pretty much started with the Falling Petals/Lemmings example that I wrote in JSE to begin with!
Definitely needs doing.


Let's have a nosey at the current JSE TodoList..

. Functions

These seem to get more and more complicated, the more I think about them.
I need to formulate them in a way that simplifies the whole thing. But .. Hmmm..?

. Shuffle/Sort - Multi Dim

I wrote myself into a corner with the way I did Multi-Dims.
I'm currently thinking of rewriting the way arrays are handled.

. BlitzTypes

These also seem to be more complicated than they should be. A simple array would probably suffice, but with the issues I'm having with standard multi-dim arrays, and not being able to sort and whatnot, I worry that these might end up going down the same route.

. Flicker Fix

I really oughta get this working..
... But faster!

. JMTrackr Instruments

Surely there should be better instruments!?
But with the random generation involved, it's far too easy to make things sound awful.

. Framework Mouse when in scale = 1

Noticed this one, last night. If you set Scale to 1, the menu's mouse goes haywire.
Some wonky maths, somewhere.

. Request/Confirm/Input

Although this one should be easy to do, I'm not sure of the best methodology to go for.
It'd be nice to have these requesters show up in the Project menu, instead of the default browser one, but that means having to code the requester outside of JSE..
Kinda overly complex, in my head. Needs extra fermentation time.

. Tilemap Collisions

I haven't done this yet. I'm not sure how best to do it.

. nth/Ordinals


. Particle Scroll

Allowing the coder to scroll all particles in a certain direction, or offset.
This is handy when you're scrolling the gameplay, as currently the particles won't scroll with you!

. Level Select Grid/Unlock

As nice as the Calendar-Grid is, I could do with a more standardised grid, with unlocks and whatnot.
Lots of settings required for this one, though.
And the save data, too. Eeek!

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