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Busy Day
3rd September 2021  
An unplanned end to the day.


I finally started work on adding extra image handling to JSE, yesterday.
After about a week of fermentation, a neat way to handle it popped into mind, and I made a decent enough start on it. .. Or at least, planning it out, and jotting down notes all over the place, as to where and how the thing will come together.

There's a lot of code to work through to get it going, and I'm still not convinced I can clear the images out properly yet. Browser's doing their own "I'll delete that when I need to" stuff might end up breaking things.
But I'll try my best, and will be watching memory stats as I go.


My sister's old laptop broke, so I decided to hand-me-down the previous Windows laptop I was using.
Took about 2 hours of farting about to get rid of all my old stuff, and clean out the system, delete browser history, etc, so she could make use of it.
Add a new User, give it Admin rights, delete the old User. Seems to be secure enough..

And then the updates. Ack!!

Microsoft really need to add a "I'm giving this laptop to someone else, murder windows please!" button somewhere. .. There probably is one. I couldn't find it.

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