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4th September 2021  
The other day I bought a new daily puzzle calendar thing.


It's a little wooden jigsaw type of thing, about the size of a CD case.
Every day, the pieces can be rearranged so that only today's date is displayed in the two gaps, and they've worked out that every day of the year is a possibility.
Now each and every morning, I have to spend bloomin' ages trying to work it out!

It's a nice little taxing puzzler, but it seems to be having somewhat of an adverse effect, in that once my brain's done figuring it out, it's too tired to bother coding for the next hour or so!


I'm sure it'll get easier, the more times I do it.
Practise makes Perfect, right!?!


Very little progress has been made on this week's SmileBASIC game.
I turned the Switch on last night to get some of it done, but found I'd left Puyo Puyo Tetris running, and .. well..

Today, quit Puyo Puyo Tetris, stop playing things, and get coding something!

.. WarioWare's out next week!

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New games every week!
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