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Where's The Bug!?
7th September 2021  
It's difficult coding a language!!


I've started rewriting Platdude's Minecart Challenge in JSE, but halfway along, an odd bug cropped up.
The "Once you hit the goal" area isn't behaving properly, and the Platdude's able to jump freely, instead of just having "one last jump"
Now the question is, is the bug happening because I coded something wrong in BASIC, or is the bug happening because the Javascript is interpreting the BASIC incorrectly..!?

That's definitely one of the oddest issues I've had for a while, and it left me scratching my head for a while.
In the end, I worked around the issue by coding a slightly different methodology, but now I'm left wondering if a bug is still there in the Javascript..


Yesterday was SoCoder's 15th birthday, and I pretty much missed making a great big deal about it.
With all the JSE bugs, the chaos that's currently home-life, and also a lack of decent reminders on my phone, I didn't realise it was SoCoder's birthday until a couple of days ago. And even then, it didn't occur to me that it was a big milestone birthday.
I'm getting FAR too in-depth with JSE, and am lagging behind all over the place.

It's already September, and I should really be thinking about an Advent collection, and getting things ready for the end of the year.

So much to do.
It's all going crazy!!!

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