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8th October 2021  
Started something Tetris'y, last night.


As with any "First day of a Tetris clone", the day was mostly spent trying to get the engine to "feel" right.
After a LOT of wrangling, I think it's more or less there.
The blocks fall just fine, and you don't appear to be able to break the grid at all, by inexplicably overlapping tiles as they spin and shift..

Gud gud!!
Next, I need to trust my initial concept, and hope it all ends up playing well.

The idea is to try to link up lines from the left to the right of the grid.
As long as there's a complete "circuit" between the left and right, any blocks within that cluster will vanish and the rest of the grid will satisfyingly plop down.

Right now, that's the bit that's not quite working, as the game's logic is seemingly happy to connect every single tile into the cluster, and the whole grid goes "Wweeeeee!!!" in a massive burst of insanity.
Game logic.. Code.. Puzzle!! Aaaah...

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