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Rejigging the Blocks
10th October 2021  
I might have to add a bomb...


The SmileBASIC game kinda works, but either the game is too hard or I'm just not good at it!

Trying to match lines of the right coloured blocks is alarmingly hard, and it occasionally feels like you could do with a big undo button or something.
That's why I'm now considering adding the odd bomb to the falling blocks, which may or may not help proceedings a little.
Not sure if I'm honest.
Worth a try, though!

Otherwise, yeah it works well enough.
... It could probably do with a tutorial of sorts. Hmmm...


Been experimenting with what I can and can't cope with, in VR.
As long as my head is moving slowly enough, I seem to be ok.

With the Oculus Quest 2, you get a nice little "First Steps" thing, in which you get a desk full of little physics playthings that you can throw around and have fun with. Paper aeroplanes, building blocks and the like.
One of these is a Table Tennis paddle and a ball. Simple enough.. Throw the ball in the air, whack it with the bat.

I threw up the ball, rapidly moved my head to track it's motion, and all hell broke loose inside my head.
I had to stop for a couple of minutes to get my bearings back.

So, quick movement is definitely off the list of things I can do, which is generally a rule for me in real life, too!

Other than that one bad event, I've been more or less coping alright.
I really wanted to love Audio Shield, but the gameplay area is far too large, meaning I'd have to turn all over the place to enjoy it.
Beat Sabre, then, as fast paced as it is, is probably the better option. With the option to disable the giant obstacles, the game is much better suited to how I can manage to play.

As well as that, I've been taking little YouTube 360 enhanced exercise bike rides, which is infinitely better than trying to hold an iPad whilst using the bike!

It's going ok..
I'm slightly disappointed that I've waited this long to give it a go.

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