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13th October 2021  
I've mostly settled on a few Do's and Don't's in VR.


Obviously, too much head motion is bad for me.
I mentioned this on Twitter and SoCoder, and got the obligatory bombardment of "How to cope with head movement in VR better" replies.
Normal IRL head motion is bad for me. It isn't the VR that's causing the sickness when I'm looking around. It's my head, and you'll just have to trust me when I say that I've tried a LOT of things to get rid of it.
Not happening.

VR isn't actually all that bad on top of my normal issues, which is something I wasn't expecting. When making smooth slow motions, I can pretty much cope with it. IRL I've also learned that slow and steady helps a ton.

The thing with the "Cool!" games, though, is that they try to constantly get you to swing your head around the place.

BeatSabre by default has these giant walls flying at you that you have to dodge.
Anything involving other people shooting at you from all angles.
Even subtle particle physics can sometimes make me glance around at the pretty effects, and that, too, can cause a little extra motion sickness than I'd like.
Tennis, Boxing, Baseball.. All out, as I try desperately to avoid swinging my head around the place to dodge punches, and watching the ball shoot past me.

Slower games work best, and Beat Sabre mostly works because everything's in front of you. Thankfully in Solo mode, there's an option to disable the walls, which makes everything much easier to cope with.
I've also been using YouTube, and picking out random "Bike Ride in 360" videos to watch whilst riding my little pedal bike. This works great.

One thing I tried last night was a "stereoscopic 3D" video. This triggered my motion sickness quite a bit, I think because the 3D frame is static, and I can't look around properly. Much like trying to play a game on a TV causes extra sickness, so does watching a video on a giant screen.
Which is odd, because the full 360 videos don't seem to do that.
How bizarre!!

But I'm learning what I can and can't do with it, and although I'm severely limited in the things I can choose to play, I can at least play a few slower paced games, and I'm ok with that.

Superhot is definitely off limits!

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