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JSE - Optimising, Optimising, Optimising!!
18th October 2021  
I'm still trying to get that JSE speed score down a bit more.


Alan and Michael have both chipped in on the recent Optimisationalism blog, suggesting an average score of about 250.
I'm also getting that score if I run through Remote Desktop, so that's likely the target I'll be aiming for.

The goal is to try and bring that number up to a rough average of about 100, which is more or less the average between my MacBook Air M1 and iPad Air 3.
Once the engine's running THAT fast, I think I'll be happy enough with it's performance.

But how to get it going that fast?
I'm not actually going to do that WASM rewrite am I?
.. I'm certainly hoping not to!
I'll be trying all manner of tweaks with this new testbed, and with a bit of luck, things should get a little bit smoother over the next few days or so.

Battle armour, ready!
Let's Go!!!

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