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21st November 2021

Use your colourful blasts to blow away chains of bricks, before they injure your crosshair.

If you've a Switch and SmileBASIC, you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key



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What I Didn't Do

It's not very well balanced, but I think it's alright, right?!
The chain-reaction scoring also isn't as good as it could be. I'd probably have been better off having a single combo for each bomb you set off.
By which I mean, if you set of a bomb, then it sets off 2 more, both of those score 2. Then each of those score 3, and so on. Instead, I should probably have said "Bomb 1 is worth 1" then for everything that results from that, it goes up and up and up, for all further explosions..
But I couldn't wrap my head around how to do that.
Having given it further thought in the time since uploading the game, (about an hour, I was watching Doctor Who in between the upload, and now!) I've kinda formulated a plan to do that, but it still feels like it might get over-complicated under certain situations..
As such, I've left it as-is.

"It'll do"!
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