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The Chaotic Brush
3rd December 2021  
It seems that, during December, I'll be mostly painting with pixels.


During the last few Decembers, I've created the Sprite Generator, the Pixel Knitter and the Testcard Generator.
This year, I've opted to try my hand at one of those "turn your picture into art" tools, but with an eye on small pixelart upscaling... Basically, I'm making a tool to help with the Platdude Pixelarts.

After Wednesday's initial test version proved "workable", I then spent a couple of hours last night working out the best methods that produce interesting looking results.
I've got the "painter" to follow approximate lines, or at least, to the best of my abilities, and the results are a heck of a lot better already.
The next step will be playing with brushes. Currently all I seem to be able to do is trace the same exact line multiple times, but that's a very stiff brush! I need to add some kind of "flow" to the results, so it isn't so static and bland.


Wednesday night

Thursday night

Certainly better, but a long way from being perfect.

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