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JSE Tweaks Incoming
6th January 2022  
As the new year starts, it seems that a few members at SoCoder are starting to pick up JSE for the purpose intended. That of "It's a simple quick language to help convey thoughts and ideas."


As people *finally* start using it on a more frequent basis, the bugs are starting to emerge.
One fairly substantial issue is the way the CONST parser works.
Essentially it flicks through the code, replacing "The requested variable name" with "The value given"
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working on a Whole Word basis.

If you have CONST $W=2, then it replaces all $W's with 2's. Which is "correct"
... 'ish.
If you also have CONST $WIDTH=3, after the $W has been declared, then it breaks, because by the time it reaches that point, all $W's have been replaced with 2's, so the script now says 2IDTH all over the place.

Today I'll see if I can get it to work on a word-basis, like it's supposed to be doing.
Such a silly bug.
Definitely shouldn't be in there.


Also over at SoCoder, I've posted a new thread called "Box-Coding"
A small template for a 40x25 character area.
Can you make something in such a small area?
Let me know, and you might see it in a future SoCoder newsletter!

. Also, yes, I'm now very aware that Templates should also be part of JSE. .. But currently aren't.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

Trying to cram tiny games into a tiny 40x25 area is proving to be extra tricky when there's no chance of doing Symbols in that small of an area.
This is making me wonder about having a couple of pre-made "SymbolSet()" things, with maybe some well designed sprites ready to go.

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