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Busy Day Ahead...
14th January 2022  


Thursday/Friday, at Midnight, Apple Music does an update and gives you a nice "New Music Mix" playlist, full of new tracks that may or may not be to your liking, but mostly will be if you've been playing a lot of music using Apple Music.
Gud gud.

But it also means that, from Midnight 'til about 2am every week, I'm sitting flicking through tons of music, trying to find even more adjacent things that I like.
This is why I've been making my own monthly JPicks Playlists that you can listen through.
Picking the best (to me!) from what Apple suggests, then trawling through the myriad of other tracks available on the service.

Back to Coding

Today, I need to buckle down and get the "Definitely not a Bomberman clone, honest" game done. The essence of the game's in there. You can run, bomb, pickup and die.
I "only" need to add enemies, movement patterns and scoring.
.. Should be easy enough, right!?!

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New games every week!
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