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30th April 2022  
Not you, too, FileZilla!?!


I've been using FileZilla for as long as I can remember, ever since CuteFTP started bugging out on me. (I'm sure CuteFTP is fine, nowadays, but for a short while it really started to mess things up!)

FileZilla's been "alright", but for the odd "It still uses Windows shortcuts, so you have to play finger gymnastics with it" issues, on MacOS.
This week's update, however, didn't seem to want to work automagically, and instead sent me to the website where it told me about a "better" version available in the AppStore.
This "better" version STILL uses Windows shortcuts, but also has a Subscription added on top.
And you can't even open it without subscribing.


The free FileZilla is still available, but looks like I'm going to have to jump through a repeatedly more complicated set of hoops in order to keep the thing running for free.

It's just not right.
I give away literally hundreds of games for free. All I want in return is a stable set of tools that let me DO THAT without spending a pissing fortune.

Thousands on laptops, hundreds on Music programs, goodness knows how much spent on various art packages before I settled on Pixelmator Pro.
Thank goodness my favourite MacOS text editor's still free!! TextMate's a wonderful little tool.

Now, do I spend today trying out various FTP programs?
Looks like it.

Wish me luck!!

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