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5th June 2022
Got bombarded by requests for JSE yesterday.


One of Pakz's more controversial requests was to allow for Infinite Arrays.
This would allow for infinitely large maps, worlds and other such things.
As much as it "could" be implemented, I don't honestly think it's such a good idea to try and do it.
For one, memory issues abound, but more importantly is the fact that .. the language simply doesn't RUN that fast!
It's not as if you could randomly add things along the way and it'll be ok, because at some point you're going to have to Save, and that'll end up taking FOREVER!!! . Assuming it all even fits into the save file to begin with.

No, I don't honestly believe this would be a good idea.
Manage your memory well, and you can create some wonderful things. Use more pseudo random elements and do whatever you can to reduce what you believe you need.
If Elite can run on a 48Kb ZX Spectrum, I'm fairly sure it's doable, fitting everything into the largest array size available in GotoJSE..
.. Which is 1,073,741,824 elements. And if each one held only 1 byte, that's 1Gigabyte..
You'll cope!
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