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Plan? What Plan?!
6th June 2022  
I've been somewhat neglecting AGameAWeek Proper for the past couple of weeks, so that's definitely got to be the main focus, this week.

... Unfortunately, this week is also the week that I'll be writing my 150th SmileBASIC game, so.. realistically, that should be the main focus, this week.



I half started a Browsercade game the other day, so I should be able to finish that off in the next day or two.
In-between all of that, there's a few things I need to tweak in the JSE Collide command, especially when it comes to that Oval not being precise enough.
Also, speeding up a few obvious "Definitely not colliding, too far away" elements should help a bit, too.

.. What else do I need to do?

I've barely made any progress on RetroRaider-Amiga, so that needs doing, as well as planning out exactly how the game's going to work.
The last RetroRaider has that awkward issue where the evil bear appears too close to be beaten, so I'll have to keep that in mind if I'm aiming to randomly generate the world.

Perhaps that could be SmileBASIC Game 150, too? That would work, right!?

Too many thoughts running around, right now, and it's all getting a bit chaotic.

Maybe I should stop the SmileBASIC games at 150..?

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