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Lacking in Coding
7th June 2022  
Spent last night watching the Apple event, then waiting hours for the new MacOS Ventura beta to install.



I'm already making use of the new Stage Manager functionality, which is (lets be honest) a Windows Taskbar with Thumbnails.
Being able to quickly flip between tasks, but also cluster them into little groups and things. It's actually really useful.
Bravo, Apple, nice new feature!

I'm interested to see how the new iOS16 works on my iPad, but am also slightly wary that that's pretty much my main device for doing everything on. What if it borks!?!
The iPad is an iPad Air 4th gen, the one before they upgraded it to an M1, so it's not quite got all the power that the M1 would have.
I think that probably means that Stage Manager won't appear on it, but given how I'm not really a fan of Multitasking on the iPad as it is, that likely won't be too much of an issue.. Maybe!?
I dunno..


Still haven't decided on a character for this week's Browsercade game, which I probably should've posted by now, if I'm honest.
I need to pick a character, get it working in the game, then add Levels.
It shouldn't be "too" hard, but .. man I'm struggling on that character..

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