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Quadoban Ready!!
3rd August 2022  
.. I think..
I need to test it first, though, to be sure.


The trouble with having all these generated levels is, some of them I just can't complete!!!
I need to double check that the third level does indeed complete, and takes you back to the calendar menu.
It "should", but .. Best to be sure!


The site (Along with SoCoder, Browsercade, Shoebox, GotoJSE, etc) went down again, yesterday, for another hour or so.
It did this on Monday, too, and each time Linode have assured all users that it's "just" an issue with the power.
All the servers have still been up and running, but the connectivity has been completely broken for a quite significant amount of time.
All eyes are on Linode, tonight, and if it happens again, there'll be a riot!!

There's a Socoder thread, but currently not much more is known other than "power issue"...

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New games every week!
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