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29th August 2022
The Calendar Generator has been upgraded to include the new HD images.
Now you can print epic calendars with high quality AI-enhanced imagery!



The newly redone menu makes creating a calendar ... well, pretty much exactly how it was before, if I'm honest.
You can find the menu at the bottom of each Platdude Pixelart page, and wherever a HD image is available, so will the option to select it from the menu.
All other options are exactly how they were before, but have been fixed up, since the previous site-rejigging broke the CSS a bit.. .. Because what good is CSS if not to be there just so that it can break in an instant.?

If you're printing off a calendar for next year, be sure to remember to change the year on the Month option, too! You don't want to print off 12 lovely calendar pages only to then realise it's been the wrong year all along.

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