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2nd September 2022  
The Rainbow Road even looked bad. I've given up on doing a BlastTrax for this week, I think.


Things just aren't coming together, lately. I seem to have coded myself into a myriad of corners, with Browsercade.
I'm now finding myself wondering if it might be a good idea to overhaul Browsercade.
Give it twin-sticks, for starters.
Allow for different control schemes for different games.
Add in the ability to do local-multiplayer.
Things like that.

However, that sounds more of a project than I'm willing to start, this close to Advent.
It'd leave the entire engine out of sorts until I've finished everything and got it all uploaded, and that's less than ideal when I need to focus on getting tons of little minigames done.
I dunno..

I'm probably overthinking it.
It should just be a case of "Make weekly game, move on", but lately I feel like Browsercade deserves better games in its collection.
I seem to hit waves of bigger and smaller games, and right now I'm in a bigger mood..
What can I tackle!?!

"A game developer has too many retro 8-bit ideas in his head."

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New games every week!
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