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12th September 2022
The SmileBASIC framework can now cope with 4 players at once.
.. I think..!


I've misplaced my old JoyCons! Hurray!!! :/
It's been hard trying to test out this multiplayer setup.
Either the Switch itself, or just SmileBASIC, has an annoying quirk with the controller setup.
You can choose to have either ...

1 or 2 players, Full Controller
2 to 4 players, Single JoyCon

Which means if you want to start the game with a menu that works for a single player, you need to switch on Full Controller mode (eg, both joycons, or a Pro controller, or Handheld mode)
But if you want Four players, each player needs a JoyCon each.

So you start the game, and it's all "Hey, use two joycons as a full controller", and then you say "Four players please", and it goes "STOP USING THAT CONTROLLER!!!", and then you quit out of Four Player mode back to the player select menu, and it's "What are you doing with a JoyCon? You need a full controller!!!"
..and back and forth, over and over, all whilst testing endlessly.

Surely it should let you have 1 player with 1 joycon? That'd certainly make everything all that little bit easier.

Not that I can test it fully, right now, though. At some point I put my old JoyCons "somewhere safe", and now I can't bloomin' well find the things. I was fairly sure they were in the drawer with all my other controllers, but .. Apparently not.
I'll have to have another hunt, today.
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