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15th September 2022  
Struggling to get anything done again, and yet surprisingly managing to get plenty done.
The results weren't all that great, but .. At least it's another check off the list.


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The ALChoon got done yesterday, but I'm not particularly proud of it.
A very simple melody, mostly provided by that Strummer that I built up the other day, the choon was basically a bunch of chords and strumming effect, and not a whole lot more than that.
No lyrics, either. By the time I was done with the choon it was about 9pm, and my head wasn't in the mood for adding lyrics, especially since I knew I then had to make a video.
The video was a case of asking DallE to generate "The bright geometric patterns of a kaleidoscope", then bundling those together with different blend modes, and whizzing them around a bit to make a video.

Really, the laziest ALChoon in a long long time.

Not that I haven't tried, mind.. There are 4 abandoned choons in the "Variable K" folder!
I just haven't been in a very musical mood, this week..


"A pigeon frantically flapping its wings while a cascade of letters and envelopes float around it." by Dall-E

Over at SoCoder, I noticed the site was no longer emailing people again, so hunted the web for a solution. The obvious solution was to opt for an SMTP middle-man, and hope that works, because trying to constantly fix it for GMail's sake, was driving me bonkers.
SendInBlue is the solution I've gone for, which gives you 300 free emails per day, which I *think* oughta be enough.. Though .. Time will tell, I suppose.

If I DO need more than 300 emails a day, it'll be at a cost of £16.50 a month, and .. eek!!

*fingers crossed that that's more than enough*

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

Today's Platdude Pixelart seems to be sparking some kind of idea in my head.
Going to have to see where that goes.

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