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Not Going Anywhere
16th September 2022  
I started to recreate yesterday's Platdude Pixelart as a game in GotoJSE, but I didn't get very far in my creation of a game.

Compare with Yesterday's Pixelart

So far, I have a brick tilemap, and some wandering evil baddies with swords and shields.
They walk back and forth, collide with walls, and .. um.. That's about it.
What kind of game should this be?

It probably won't be Platdude. Platdude usually dies in one hit, he doesn't tend to have "Health".
I think this is the sort of game that needs a health bar, so you can run up to the baddies, and have a "Tap the sword button repeatedly" battle with them.
But then what?

Keys, Doors?
And random level generation, I suppose.

Going to have to put my thinking cap on for this game.

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