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Musical Horror
17th September 2022  
Tried to make a lovely ALChoon yesterday, and all seemed to flow amazingly well.
The beat seemed perfect, the "meeees" and the "maaaws" appeared in tune. Everything was going perfectly!


I took a short break afterwards, and then listened back to it and pretty much screamed at the horrors I'd produced!
Some days, when you're in the flow, you just don't notice how horrifically the instruments clash, or that the chord structure actually sounds pretty darn terrifying.
No, no no..
ALChoon scrapped. Next!


Carrying on with this game, I now have a vaguely playable arena, and the player has claws.
I'm thinking digging might be the way to go, here, and will be experimenting with that later, whilst simultaneously trying not to turn it into Lode Runner... Which probably wouldn't be too bad, but .. JNKPlat already fills that quota, really, if we're honest.

Navigating the randomly generated screen might be a bit trickier than I intended, since I've decided that "off the bottom" = death.. Originally I planned to have it wraparound, but felt that ended up being too close to NeonPlat.
Instead, then, he'll have to jump his way up the arena.. Maybe make use of those claws to hold on to things along the way.
I'm not really sure, and probably won't be able to decide until I give him at least a jumping ability, to test that out.

I typically find that playing a game is usually the best way to decide what feels best for the character. If you spend too long working to a specific plan, then find the plan doesn't feel right, it's hard to scrap what you've made....

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