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Oh Dear
10th November 2022  
Yesterday's plan.
Grab Switch and Keyboard, Code game, Be productive.


What actually happened yesterday was 6 hours of No Man's Sky on the Switch.
For those interested, I've near enough maxed out my spaceship and exosuit, as far as cargo space is concerned, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the Portable Refiner that I got in the PS4/Xbox editions. I'm starting to think that, perhaps that's one of the things that have been removed from the Switch version, though I can't imagine why that particular element has been removed.

I stumbled upon one of the great towers, yesterday, which was another of the things I thought removed, but .. apparently not!
That was nice to see, though I then ended up finding another one, (typical!) and they both looked identical!
Ho hum.

Again, can't wait for the Mac edition to show up. If nothing else, it'll be infinitely easier to get screenshots without having to go through Twitter.. .. If that's even still there!!


I *think* I have an idea for this week's AGameAWeek Proper, though how well it'll end up, I'm not sure..
Gummy, sugary, candy land!!!
\o/ Hurray \o/

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