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14th November 2022
Since Twitter's about to die on its arse, I need to start thinking about where to put all my random clips so I can share them to all the other platforms.


Most sites end up having god-awful "Log in to view OR ELSE" popups all over them, especially in the cases of Facebook and Instagram.
Posting them to any of the Blog-like servers will block them from being played until the user's on that page.
What I could really do with is a media-server of my own, just to host random clips.
I find myself wondering if this server would be stable enough if I did that. Already, things are getting a little quirky with all the SpikeDislike MP3's being steamed, so I don't believe it'd be a great idea to try hosting some mp4s on here, too.

I did at least bother to try *shudder* TikTok yesterday.
A little video, posted under AL's freshly made account.
I likely won't be doing that again. It really doesn't suit TikTok's whole "thing", and feels very spammy.

I checked the filesize of today's Daily Dislike, and it's a whopping 138Mb for a 30 second clip, so.. That's definitely not happening!
There's always YouTube, of course, but having hundreds of little daily SpikeDislike clips isn't ideal there.

Hmmm. What to do?

Let me know if you can think of anywhere I can clog up with hundreds of silly clips, but also cross-publish them onto this site, too.

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