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15th November 2022  
I've got stuck on a particular SpikeVent theme, and can't seem to get any further!


This is now the third day of working on it. Day one, the basic graphics, day two getting the sound effects to work, day three adding the music.
The music was fun to make, but I struggled to get it to work in time, like I'd have liked.
It's "working" now, but goodness knows how the added complications of server-requests, different browsers, different systems running it, and more, will all impact the lovely timings.

And the looping.. Gosh, how hard is it to get an mp3 to look correctly in the browser!?
Or anywhere, if I'm honest.
MP3's.. Grrr.. *shakes fist*

I'm tempted to artificially loop it by making the mp3 four or five times the length, but then you've the added impact on the download, and that'll just make everything worse.
There's no good solution, here, as much as I wish there was.


I finally made a start on a game for this week, but after a couple of hours work I realised the game was essentially just going to be an alternative graphical skin for NeonPlat. There wasn't anything much more to the game than that, and it all got a little bit repetitive as a result.
That's the issue with having everything wrapped into the Browsercade... Every time I reskin a game, it becomes really obvious, when you can tap two-games across and get the exact same gameplay!
I really do need to come up with some unique and interesting concepts, here, and my brain's all smush right now!!!

A rethink for this game is in order, and .. I might have to skip a week

"The paper crafter tries their hardest to get the two ends of a loop to line up properly." by #DallE

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