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Picking Things Up
17th November 2022  
I managed to get some kind of gameplay working, though it's still very much "definitely not NeonPlat, honest" in terms of how it looks.


I mean.. That's NeonPlat again, right?!
I'm ploughing ahead with this one, though. I think it has enough little tweaks that'll make it different enough.
Of course, it's already Thursday, and I'm FAR away from hitting that Monday deadline that I like, so .. That's already a fail.
Oh dear, what's going on, lately!?

I also still haven't gotten further than that 14th SpikeDislike theme.


I tried making an Amiga Boing Ball yesterday, for the obligator Amiga theme, but .. could I find a way to output a single-object 3D scene?
Though Blitz3D does indeed work inside the chaos of MacBook M2->Windows 11 ARM Emulator->x86 Program, the GrabImage function fails spectacularly, causing a MAV crash.

So, I guess I now need to find a quick tool that'll let me create a specific number of little basic 3D models, and render them without requiring a giant set of modern day tools.
Either that or I could switch the MacMini back on, just for the sake of running Blitz..

PS, yes I know the texture's wrong on that ball, and that the ball's at the wrong angle.. I was going to fix it up after I got the image saving to work, but .. that never happened.

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