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18th November 2022  
The Amiga Boing Ball "kinda" worked, but also really doesn't work in-game.


The biggest issue is that the sprite, once reduced to 32x32 pixels, really isn't all that clear.
I think, today, I'll give it another shot, but scale up the texture so it's more obvious that it's little coloured squares.
Of course, the other option is to actually code a Boing Ball and have it represented in the best quality possible.

.. We'll have to wait and see if I can be bothered to do that, and/or figure out a good way to do it.

For those interested, the way I eventually got the sprites was a little old-skool.
1. Code the renderer to only render one frame at a time, waiting for a mouse click between frames.
2. Take screenshot on the Mac's side.
3. One by one, drag the 1024x1024 pixel area of the sprite, cut it, scale it down, etc, etc..

Took bloomin' ages, but at least I've vaguely got the methodology down, now, so I should be able to do it again fairly easily.

Gosh, I'm not doing well if I want to hit 24/25 themes by the 1st.
14.5 down, 10 more to go.
Come on, Jay!
It's a race against Santa!!!

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