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22nd November 2022
I spent last night flicking through oodles of choons trying to pick out the right songs for all the themes I've done for the SpikeVent.


I've now got 20 themes ready for the SpikeVent, and one ready for Dec 31st. We're almost at the goal, just an another 4 or 5 themes to do, and we're sorted!
On my to-do list is still the locking mechanism, as well as adding sounds for one of the themes I made yesterday, and fixing up the music for one of the themes that deserves to be a little bit longer. (The one that won't quite loop properly)

I still have a decent sized list of themes I'd like to add to the mix. Today I'll buckle down and see if I can get another couple of those made, though for a lot of themes there's not really anything special they can add to the game. They're just skins.
Not that that's a problem, but I've also been trying to spice up the game as much as I can along the way.
A few bog-standard "just a skin" themes won't be too bad, though, right?!

A week and a day..

"The videogame artist tries his best to come up with a new art style for the next set of levels, scribbling a unique set of floors and walls onto a piece of paper." by #DallE
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