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24th November 2022
Yesterday was spent whipping up the ALChoon and getting the SoCoder Newsletter done.


Honestly, could've done without a Newsletter to write, but I've skipped a fair number of them lately, so felt somewhat obligated to get one in the bag.
The ALChoon is entirely different to the one I originally thought was happening, this week. Though that unfinished track remains half done, so might end up being reused next week.
It was FAR too lively and energetic to allow for a quick and easy lazy-man's video, though, so instead I put together a gentler, more relaxing video, with only 1 verse of lyrics.

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Yeah, much easier to cobble that together!!

So, everything's done and dusted for the week, all except for a new game, but let's ignore that fact and move on.
I have 3 SpikeVent themes left to make, and the coding of the unlocking, and one week left to get it all done.

Should be easy enough, right?!

Keep going, Jay. The end is in sight.

"A hamster runs furiously on its wheel." by #DallE
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