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3rd December 2022
I got Wordoku working in the new Foldapuz-Play engine, yesterday.


Wordoku is another 5x5 grid of letters, so putting it together wasn't all that hard, although I did have a few quirks when trying to jump between the two games. (Hamburger menu = game select)
But it works well enough now, and the game seems to work ok when contained entirely within the grid.
I had originally planned to use the grey-space to hold all the tiles, and then let you move them between the two, but the way it is seems functional enough.

What's next, then?
I'd like to do Rebordered in this engine, but I'm not sure I can get those lovely faces to work in it. I'll have to experiment with that, today.

I should probably also start to add these games to the archive, huh?
Yeah.. I'll go do that shortly.

You can Play Wordoku Here.
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