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Happy Amiga Day!
31st May 2014  
Today is, apparently, Amiga Day.
Not entirely sure what it is we're supposed to do on Amiga Day, but I figured it'd be nice to compile one of my old AMOS games, and stick it onto my Archive for all to laugh at!

I've actually dated this one in the code, as being from 1997!! No idea when in 1997, so I'll say it's probably December... but yeay! Oldest thing on my Archive o/


It's old.. It's very old!! And it's absolutely choc-full of stolen audio samples! From the days when I'd gotten hold of a TechnoSound Turbo, and used it to grab anything and everything from a vast collection of CDs, Cassettes and Videotapes!!
Shameful!!! But that's what I did back then, and boy was it fun

Joystick left and right, and fire to speed up. (WinUAE defaults to numberpad being the joystick, so use 4 and 6 for left and right, and 5 to speed up)
1/2/3 to select game's speed. Up and down to select game length..
Other than that, should be fairly obvious what goes on.
Good Luck!

You can Download JNK Slalom here, as a zipped .adf file, which you can either faff about with WinUAE with, or transfer it onto a nice blue shiny floppy disk, and shove the whole thing into a real-life Amiga!!!
Let me know, if you do!

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