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16th March 2023
Come on, Jay, get to work on that next game..
Tick tick tick!!!


Feeling really rough, this morning. The cat's been waking me up too early, all week.
She's discovered a slightly new meow which is freaking me out enough to get me out of my bed, and she knows it's working.

Right, focus. Things to do.
This morning I need to finish off the SoCoder newsletter, and then it's on to working on this week's game.
I think I've a plan. Or at least, I had a vague idea the other day, but have spent far too much time on JXMb that I haven't yet touched the idea.

Todo list.
1. Newsletter
2. Level Generator
From there, we'll see how well the game comes together.

Hop to it, Jay!

"A cartoon of Derek Man hopping, whilst playing hopscotch in the school playground." by #DrawThings
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