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22nd March 2023
This week really isn't going all that well, as far as scheduling goes.


I've already decided to cancel this week's SoCoder Newsletter. The week's ALChoon is "mostly" done, but not quite finished yet, and the video's barely been started.
Last week's AGameAWeek is still stuck in limbo as something, somewhere, is causing the game logic to completely mess up.
It's really not going well, this week, if I'm honest.

But, hey, at least JXMb got finished off, last week, so there's that!

"Animated cartoon. Derek Man sits at a table inside an empty cafeteria, drinking a cup of coffee, as a fire is burning all around. huge flames everywhere." by #DrawThings

I was hoping it'd draw a "This is fine" style cartoon, but all the prompts in the world couldn't achieve it!
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