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9th September 2023
One thing that's been holding us up, over the past THREE MONTHS has been "Who's the Freeholder".
And, the further we delve into that, the more complicated it's getting.

Down the rabbit hole we go!


We're now at the point where the local council has admitted to our solicitor that they have no records of payments being made to a Freeholder, nor have there been any requests for payments.

Either this means that everything is OK, and that the council ARE the Freeholders, or..
.... The whole council's corrupt, and something way bigger is happening, here...!?

God damnit..
Mum's swearing her head off again.
Oh, the fun.

A couple of neighbours have been talked to about the whole situation, and they're now also hunting to see if these mystery freeholders appear on any of their papers.
One of our neighbours have found them on their Title Deeds, so, um.. We're not really sure what all of this means.
We might ALL be moving, at this rate!!

The assumption is that the council would've purchased the land outright, but why are the freeholders still on the deeds?
Maybe the council agreed there'd be no additional payments over the term of the lease?
Or maybe somebody, somewhere, hasn't been paying the freeholders all of that ground rent the council's been collecting all of this time.

Honestly, we've no idea what's going on, and the deeper we delve into all of this, the more complicated it's all getting.

We're going chatting with the Estate Agent on Monday, and hopefully they can make head-nor-tails of what on earth is going on. After all, at least the Estate Agent is in the local area.. Surely they've dealt with this kind of thing before, right?!
At the very least, they could try getting in contact with the council, too, and we can have another voice shouting into the endless void.



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