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20th September 2023
"Don't go putting insurance on cover as yet ."

Putting Insurance on cover?
Does that even make sense?


I get the feeling that our solicitor is actually an AI Chatbot.
It made a schoolboy error which I pointed out, and then it returned with "Yes you are correct"
I mean, that's DEFINITELY something that ChatGPT would do.
BingChat, not so much. If it was BingChat it would get mightily offended at me suggesting it might've been wrong, then shut down the conversation.
Either that or carry on with the incorrect "fact" as if it's the rock solid truth.


We're into week two of the "At least 6 weeks" insurance guff.
Mum's still fearful that the buyer's will have had enough and will scrap the entire thing, and I'm trying to keep my mind occupied with more Stable Diffusion training.

It's definitely getting there, but it's drawing Greenie in some incredibly unusual styles, of late.

If you'd like to try out the latest Greenie LoRA (for Stable Diffusion 1.5) you can grab it here. (35Mb) Good luck!


I really do need to get this week's ALChoon done.
I've figured out how I'm going to do the video, at least.. I just need to finish the choon.
The "choon" is ready to go, but there's no lyrics to jam everything together.

I really do need to get those done.
I tried asking ChatGPT but nothing it came up with had the right sort of flow for the choon.
This is often the hardest part of doing this. Between adding lyrics and making a silly little music video, I really have given myself quite the weekly chore.

"A realistic photograph of cartoon derek wearing headphones, music, cassettes, 80s, synthpop, music" by #DrawThings

It's not very realistic, it missed out the 80s, the synthpop and the cassettes, and it's made Greenie look like Princess Leia doing a podcast!!
But this is the best of the bunch, this morning!
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