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Moving Jay : Day 136 : Still To Do... Blog
3rd November 2023
So many boxes!!
OMG, how many boxes did I pack!?!

Though, to be fair, I had a LOT of time to pack them all.


My bedroom's currently in a mid-limbo state. It doesn't have any carpet in, so we need to decide on the overall style the room will end up in, order a carpet, get all the furniture back out, fit the carpet, and only then can I start unpacking all the boxes.

Today I'm going to temporarily move all of my bedroom boxes into a single corner of the room, where they can hopefully sit without having some kind of major collapse during the night!!

The Todo list is only about half done, though I did manage to get quite a few bits and pieces done, yesterday. Today I still need to sort out the NHS and Disability contact details, but I think mostly everything else is organised and good to go.

All except Mum's online banking, which I can't remember the password for.
... eek!
Might have to do the old-fashioned "phone call" thing for that.

"Animated cartoon Derek, moved into a new bungalow, cardboard packing boxes everywhere" by #DiffusionBee
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