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Moving Jay : Day 137 : OK, Now What? Blog
4th November 2023
There's still boxes everywhere.
Half the dining room is a giant pile of boxes, and a corner of my bedroom is piled almost to the roof with even more boxes.
... We brought a lot of boxes!!


But much more roomy, now, since we've shifted all of my boxes into my bedroom, and reshuffled the pile over to the edge of the room, instead of taking up the entire room like they all did, previously.

Please excuse the cat's litter tray at the end, there.. That's only temporary, whilst Molly's stuck in the house!

I've been trying to settle into a more normal "Jayenkai" groove, but am barely thinking in terms of coding and my regular stuff.
I even forgot to write my weekly Patreon update, last night. Oops. The Patreons won't be happy about that. Nor will they enjoy the fact that this week's update will be just about moving, because.. realistically, that's all I've done, this week!!

My "Paperwork guff" todo-list is down to 11 tasks, so that shouldn't be too hard to finish off, now. I just need to do a few boring phonecalls to finish everything off.
Paperwork is boring.
I really need to get back to coding again!

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