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Moving Jay : Day 138 : Get Back to Work! Blog
5th November 2023
I guess I should probably get back to coding games again, but .. Honestly, there's SO much left to do, here, first.


It's been 5 days since we moved in, and I STILL haven't properly plugged by NAS in yet. A quick test, but no more than that.

Every time I try to make use of my "Favourite Folders" menu on my Mac, it ends up getting stuck whilst it tries to connect to a none-existent NAS. That's quite an issue, since the whole Dock gets locked up, and I can no longer to anything in the main interface of the Mac.
Silly MacOS!!
A quicker fail would be infinitely better.

The NAS is also set up to periodically chat to SoCoder, and ensure it's doing regular email posting and such. That's been switched off since Monday, and anyone who had any pending emails would've experienced quite an influx yesterday, as I temporarily turned things on for a short test.


Last night I had a vague idea for a puzzle game, but it didn't quite fully form in my head. Something about packing items into boxes (which for some reason seems to be on my mind!), but with rotations of a sort, to give it a puzzle element.
Sort of like a Rubik's cube, I guess? But 2-dimensional, and with different coloured objects..
It might just end up as gems or balls or something.

I'm not really sure what that game might be, but it's currently fermenting in my head, so I guess we'll see some sort of result in a few days.. Right?!

Get back to work, Jay!

"Animated cartoon derek in a dimly lit room full of candles" by #DiffusionBee

.. yeah, that's not creepy at all..
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