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7th November 2023
Oops, bought a Quest 3!


Oh, the difference. Crikey!
I mean, I knew it'd be impressive, but .. Crikey!
It's still not fast enough to run my browser games at a decent speed, though.
I mean, SpikeDislike does run at >60fps, but the system's aiming for 90fps and can't "quite" stick to that, jumping between 70 and 90, so it ends up stuttering a fair bit.
It's not "too" noticeable, but it's definitely not quite as silky smooth as I'd like.

As far as GotoJSE goes, again it struggles a fair amount to keep things going.
Optimisationalism 4 scores quite badly, here. Whether all of this is down to the browser not being 100% super-awesome, or the Qualcom chips not being all that great at 2D stuff... I'm not 100% sure.
ButI definitely can make use of this as a "slow device" test bed, and try to optimise things towards it, which is great!

But when it's running games, though.
Beat Sabre, Synth Riders, Tetris Effect and Zen Pinball were all tried out, and the clarity in the new displays is fantastic.
I still don't think the Quest 2 display was particularly "bad", but the Quest 3 display is outstanding!!
The colour passthrough is still a little muddy, but is perfectly serviceable, though it does flicker a little with the LED bulbs that are currently all through the bungalow.

So.. um, yeah..
Not much coding got done, yesterday

"crafted collage diorama, the chrazy world inside cartoon derek's brain where 1980s ZX Spectrum videogames are made, tiny, macro photography, surreal, psychedelic" by #DiffusionBee
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