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9th November 2023
ESA, Done.
PIP, Done.
Neuro NHS, Done.
GP NHS.. Not done yet..
I'm well on the way to having everything sorted.


Still waiting on the water company to fit us a new meter, and the elec/gas people giving us a nice smart meter monitor thing, but otherwise everything else seems like it's slotting together nicely.

And with such a grand task nearing completion, my head's doing what it normally does, and is forcing me to take some time off by making me feel full of flu and ill and horrible.

Isn't that always the way?

Today I have a few more paperwork elements to do, and a couple of questionaires to fill in for the new GP.
Hopefully that can all go well, and then I'll be done, and moved in, and happy, and ready to code again!


"Animated cartoon Derek running the marathon" by #DiffusionBee
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