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12th November 2023
I'll be honest, the bedroom does currently look a little bit.. um.. white..!?


It's not an issue, of course. Once the large shelving units are in, and full of Star Trek Ships and other bits and pieces, it should give the room a bit more of a lived-in feeling.
But .. Boy, is it ever white!!

This morning, I've been arsing about through various art generators with a prompt of ...
"Abstract oil on canvas artwork, 5 yellow squares, 6 orange squares, 5 cyan squares, chaos, splatter, cosmic, light, saturated"

Bing/DallE3 gave me outputs like...

Whilst Clipdrop/SDXL was generating lighter things..

But which is better?
I'm not sure.

I think I'll be looking into ways to get those printed onto canvas, and set about putting them in the blank spaces around the room.
.. Maybe.
But I'll likely wait until the room's fully furnished before doing that.

(Still moving!!)

"cartoon derek painting an abstract artwork, yellow, orange, cyan, saturated, vibrant, square," by #DiffusionBee
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