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13th November 2023
The bedroom's whiteness continues to whiten, but the furniture's been shuffled around to their possibly final position.


There's an ominous blue bowl on the chest of drawers. The tv arial cable was dripping when it started to rain buckets, outside, yesterday. We've tugged it on the outside to make a drop for the cable, so that the rain dropped off the loop at the bottom instead of coming inside, and that seems to have helped a fair amount. I'll have to keep an eye on that.
To be honest, I don't really need it, so we might just take it out and plug the hole. That'd likely make the most sense.

The window, meanwhile, is AWFUL..
No amount of putty, waterproof gunk, or anything else, is stopping the influx of drips landing on the windowsill.
We've temporarily added a bunch of towels across the window in the hope that it dabs up the drips, but .. Good grief.
I mean, we knew the windows were bad, but .. geez..

It's coming together though.
I think..

As far as shelving/storage goes, I was hoping to get a large Ikea Kallax, but the height of the room isn't quite what I thought it was. I can fit a 3x3 sized Kallax on the main chest of drawers, but they don't appear to do them in 3's..!?! Hmm..
I did spot a couple of knock-offs on Amazon that in 3's, but will they be as good?
Additionally, the Kallax cubes are 42 wide, but the smaller chest of drawers is only 38 wide, meaning the Kallax tall slim unit won't actually fit on top of the bloomin' thing.

A rethink is in order.
.. I'll wait until the furniture's in properly, then decide on what path to take.


Over on, itchy2 suggested that I should've included joystick support in the recent Friday Night Bubble game.

Would benefit from joystick support.

.. And that's hit quite hard, because I was pretty sure the GotoJSE engine worked well enough with joysticks.
It might be that, during all my TONS of tweaks, I've forgotten to copy the input tweaks over into the Player script, so I'll have to dig through and double check all that later.
..I do need to find a few test controllers, first, though. Everything's packed away!!!

There's a fairly large box labelled "Ctrl", which I'm pretty sure is where they all are.
.. I think!


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