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14th November 2023
Bought one of those silicon cover things for the face-padding around the Quest 3.


Just grabbed a cheap one off Amazon.
I mean, you can't go wrong with a silicon cover, right?!
It's very loose fitting, it doesn't snuggly "grip" the area, and it leaves annoying flappy bits inside the headset where your nose gets tickled like crazy.

I took it off after about 2 minutes, and .. Bah, humbug.

Going to have to see if there's a more form fitting one I can get, instead.
Bloody waste of money.


We got our first order from the local pizza place, last night, and ..
Oh my god, the chips!! (French fries, if you prefer!!)
We ordered what we normally ordered from our previous local pizza place. The standard order, no extras, just enough for me and Mum.

Except this place seems to expect everyone to be VERY HUNGRY!!!
Nearly every item we ordered came with an extra portion of chips!
I mean, sure, that's incredibly good value, but it definitely wasn't what we expected.
I ate a lot of chips, yesterday, and they microwaved well enough.

The Jalapeno poppers, however, were very very cheesy, and have left we with a fairly hefty migraine, this morning..
.. grrr..

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

I ordered a carpet online, yesterday.
.. Gawd, I hope that goes well..
It should be here by the end of the week, I think.

*fingers crossed*

"Cartoon Derek waiting for a bus, outside, British bus stop, side of the country road, waiting" by #DiffusionBee

Stop standing in the middle of the road, Greenie!!
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