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20th November 2023
The boxed shelves are in!!


The new unit went in lovely, but I need a drill, an extra screw, and a wall plug (Rawlplug is a brand name) to get the thing fixed to the wall.
How cheeky of them not to include a drill with the unit. *tsk*

(The drill will turn up, eventually. It's in the "Shed Tools" box.. Wherever that is!)

It'll be fine!!!
Just needs fitted onto the wall, and then filled!!!

Books, DVD, Starships, Advent tat and more, all have to somehow fit on there?
Also, my 28cm Lego Baseplates fit well inside them, both flat, but also if I stick them to the sides/back, they can fit there, too. So, that might be fun to play with.
That's a lot of tat!

Going to be quite an effort not to clutter it all up.


The Drawer of Control is back!

Welcome back, Drawer of Control!
I now have easy access to all manner of controllers that I haven't used in months.
The OUYA controller takes center stage, obv, but .. Where's the OUYA?! Hmmm..
Maybe in the box with all the micro consoles.
Oh no, where are they going to go!?!

"A photograph of wonky shelves, cartoon derek holds a hammer" by #DiffusionBee
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