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21st November 2023
And so, the cluttering of the shelves begins..


I've now opened about 12 or so of the boxes, and emptied nearly five of them! Wowie!!!
The Stargate and Red Dwarf DVDs are all out on the new shelves. The Wii/GCube/X360/Dreamcast/PSX games are all inside one of the drawers.
A few of the larger objects have been added to the shelves, and about half the books are up there, too.
But I still have another half of the books to organise, as well as figuring out how the Micro Consoles are going to be set up.
I still need to put the Amiga somewhere, too. Oh, and the actual sized consoles.. Oh, boy, there's SO much stuff that's been crammed BACK into boxes again, it's stupid.

Maybe I need more shelves...!?!!

"Cartoon Derek watches as his shelf collapses, too many trinkets, dvds, books, scattered on the floor, broken shelves, broken wood, break, cartoon derek" by #DiffusionBee
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