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16th January 2024
Crikey, it snowed last night!!


Hurray for snow!


Yesterday, a game title popped into my head.
"Blockman Blast"
And that, ladies and gentlemen, was as far as the idea got!

Yep, that's it..

But last night's dream took care of the details, so today I'll see how much of that game I can build up, and whether it ends up being a playable thing, or a horrible disaster.

If you've any ideas for what "Blockman Blast" might be, leave them in the comments, and I might pinch a few elements as I build it up.
So far I have .. Maze, pellets, power-pellets.
Gosh, so imaginative!
.. Oh, and time travel.

"Cartoon Derek in the snow, sleigh, ice, happy, joy, yay" by #DrawThings
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